Confirmation Service at St Barnabas'Adolescents and adults take on responsibility for their Baptism when they get confirmed.

So, those who were baptized as babies or children get confirmed in teenage or adult years. Those who have never been baptized prepare for Baptism and Confirmation together. This is an important stage in God’s work in our lives, and in our response to that work of God.

At Confirmation the Bishop lays hands on candidates and prays that God the Holy Spirit will strengthen them daily in the faith.

Anglicans recognise Baptism by other Christian Churches and do not re-baptize.

Some Christians may choose to mark their identity as Anglicans after membership of another Christian Church. They are then received as Anglicans, often alongside those being confirmed.

Confirmation - 5 candidates 4 nationalitiesConfirmation preparation is typically undertaken in a small group. The Confirmation Service is led by the Bishop. It will usually be the first occasion when the candidates receive the bread and wine of Communion.

The Chaplain is pleased to receive enquiries about getting ready for Confirmation. The first step may well be regular attendance at the Sunday service.

If you are interested in know more, or would like to know when the next preparation course is starting, please contact the Chaplain.