BaptismBaptism is a once in a lifetime event in which our name and life is linked to the name and life of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are always baptized in water, and normally also using the symbols of oil and light.

The Anglican Church recognizes Baptism by other Christian Churches. So, anyone already baptized by another Christian Church is not re-baptized Anglican.

Babies and children are baptized with parents and godparents making promises on their behalf. Adolescents and adults make their own promises at Baptism. Anglicans take responsibility for their Baptism when they come to Confirmation. Adolescents and adults who are not already baptized are normally prepared for Baptism and Confirmation together.

Ideally Baptism takes place within the main Sunday service. It is an event in the life of the Church, as well as in the life of the individual. Adolescents and adults may choose to be baptized in the sea.

There are no fees charged for Baptism. It is both beyond price for it was won by the death of Jesus Christ, and free of charge, because it is God’s gift.

Godparents make the promises of Baptism for their godchild, and so need to be baptized themselves. Their Baptism can have been in any Christian Church e.g. Anglican, Reformed, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic/Latin.

A baby or child needs at least one male and one female godparent. Many have more than two.

The Church keeps a register of those baptized, and so you are asked to provide details for this register. A certificate of your Baptism is provided for you to keep.

Baptismal promises are that we reject the devil & rebellion against God, repent of our sins and renounce evil; we turn to Christ, submit to Him and come to Him; also we believe and trust in One true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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